Introducing Dock-One

SkyDock Systems provides a fully automated battery swapping drone docking station, for DJI and Parrot drones.

Developed and manufactured in South Africa, by South Africans, for a global market.

Fly automated drone missions without limits.

see dockone in action

Our Numbers

> 6000
Successful battery swaps
> 6000
Successful Landings
> 1500 hrs
Flight time

Latest News

We’re hiring!

Skydock is looking for a robotics/software engineer, with knowledge of 3D/CAD design, electronics and a strong software background to work in a start-up environment with the opportunity for management equity …

DockOne Information

Skydock has been hard at work on it’s DockOne product, a drone docking station for DJI and Parrot drones. Check out the product information page, and frequently asked questions. Alternatively …