What does Dock-One do?

Dock-One enables someone with a DJI Mavic, or Parrot Anafi drone, to fly automatic missions, record the footage, land automatically, and automatically get a fresh battery within 2 minutes.

A sophisticated robot, mounted inside the box, extracts, and replaces the battery with one of 6 batteries that are on-charge.

You can plan the missions, control the dock and drone, and monitor the video footage from a different location over the Internet. You can also take manual control of the drone via the Internet to investigate specific incidents.

After the battery swap, you can continue with another mission. The entire process is automated.

We remove the requirement of having drone pilots/operators changing batteries in the field. Centralize your operations in you own home, or within a monitoring centre.

Which drones do you support?

We support the DJI Mavic 2 (Zoom, Pro, Enterprise), and available soon for the DJI Mavic 3 (Pro, Enterprise, MS) and Parrot Anafi (Basic, Thermal, and USA) drones.

We can also support your custom small-factor drones (50x50cm in size) upon requuest.

Do you have a battery back-up?

The docking station has 2 x 12V backup-batteries to ensure safe return of the drone to the docking station, in the event of a grid failure.

What if the drone runs out of battery during a mission?

The built-in software safety mechanisms ensures that there is enough battery in the drone to safely return home.

Should the battery run below a specified level, the drone will abandon the mission and return to the docking station, or find a safe place to land.

You can recover the drone in the event of an abnormal landing by reviewing the mission and finding the last GPS coordinates.

What are the installation requirements for a Dock-One?

To use Dock-One, you need an internet connection (LTE, 4G, or better) and a 110/220V power supply.

If you wish to perform night-time landings, we supply a switchable relay, to enable LED-based landing lights, which would typically be mounted on a pole to illuminate the landing pad. The docking station will automatically control the landing lights.

You also need a raised platform, or frame (>30cm above ground level) for the box to be installed.

It is recommended to have a clear, camped-off area for operation of the Dock, with security provisions as you see fit (fencing etc.)

What are the software integration options?

You can user our cloud-based video feed to perform AI, or OpenCV based analysis on the incoming video stream.

You can also control the mission plan, based on your detection algorithms.

Can I fly at night?

Indeed, paired with the correct drone, that has support for thermal imaging, you can fly at night, and get a hot/cold/metal video feed of the drones’ flightpath.

The drone can also perform precision landings land at night, if the landing pad is provided with an external LED landing pad lighting system, controlled by the docking station.

Do you offer a warranty?

Skydock provides an 18 month limited warranty against manufacturing and design defects, with free parts replacement of all non-electrical components. The warranty is walk-in, and Skydock does not offer on-site support or replacements. Warranty returns or replacement part courier/transport fees are payable by the customer.

Electrical components carry a limited warranty with exclusions for force-majeure events such as electrical/lightning induction, and environmental damage.

An extended warranty is also available.