We’re hiring!

Skydock is looking for a robotics/software engineer, with knowledge of 3D/CAD design, electronics and a strong software background to work in a start-up environment with the opportunity for management equity or share options. We offer an opportunity for growth and experience in a truly unique environment.

We build docking stations and software solutions for autonomous drone flight, and are exploring the future of AI Video Analysis to bring value to our customers.

The ideal candidate is self-motivated, and willing to crunch in a start-up environment with the opportunity for a stake in the company.

We work with:

  • ReactPHP for prototype UI and CLI stuff.
  • C/C++ and Node for embedded stuff
  • Golang
  • Sockets, Node, Redis, MQTT
  • Pololu TIC Stepper Controllers
  • Custom PC Boards
  • RTSP, MJPEG, Video Streaming
  • NodeJS/Java
  • Android and Ubuntu on Odroid N2+
  • OpenWRT on embedded Atheros based SOC systems.
  • SolidWorks or other CAD systems for 3D designs.
  • Stepper motors, servo motors, linear actuators, Hall effect sensors, microswitches
  • General networking, VPN, Wireguard, LTE modems, custom routers etc.
  • DJI Mavic drones, DJI developer SDK, Rosetta-Drone, QgroundControl

If you have what it takes send your CV to roelf@skydock.systems